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My own version of “300”

Yes, that’s right. I’ve got my own version of “300”. Only it does not involve 300 half-naked, sweaty men fighting a battle they can’t win, it involves one fully clothed, sometimes sweaty guy who’s fighting a battle of the bulge.
Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen. I stepped on the scale Monday morning, only to see that dreaded 300. That makes two milestones in less than a month – my big 4-0, and my supersized 3-0-0. I guess it could be worse. I could be 30 and 400 pounds.
Anyway, this was a wake-up call like no other. I’ve constantly told myself I’ll start exercising, I’ll start eating better, all the while sitting on my gluteus maximus and scarfing down seconds. Well, no more. This is where I make my stand. This is where I draw the line in the sand. It will be an uphill battle, and I know that I need to lose this weight the same way I gained it – one pound at a time.
I walked yesterday, and I walked today, and it is my intention to continue to move around, exercise, every day. I also drank my last regular cola today. Only diet sodas for me now, and I know that that alone will help me lose some weight. So…we shall see what we shall see….

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