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Phobia Mania

In Greek mythology, Ares, god of war, and Aphrodite, goddess of love, had twin sons. They were named Deimos and Phobos. Deimos, the personification of terror, and Phobos, the personification of fear, would follow their father Ares into war. They continue to follow Ares — otherwise known as Mars — in the present as the […]

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Discrimination: Now in Size Extra Small!

I was running up against a deadline for posting this. I finally just decided to post as is, with the editor’s notes still attached. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve taken on such hot-button topics as abortion and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, so this week, I decided to take on something a little less controversial: […]

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I’m half black, half white, and fully Hispanic. But let’s pretend I was white and wrote the following: “It was a warm evening in September, a couple of weeks after Dillon Taylor got shot, and somewhere in the mix I brought up Salt Lake City, hoping to spark a ‘conscious conversation.’ Then it happened. The […]

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I’m a conservative, and I’m pro-choice. I believe a woman can choose when she wants to have sex. I believe a woman can choose whom she wishes to have sex with. I believe a woman can choose where she wants to have sex. I believe a woman can choose how and why she wants to […]

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BREAKING NEWS An epidemic is sweeping our nation. Thousands are invading our borders. Law enforcement and medical resources are being stretched to the limit. These invaders are not looking for work. They’re not paying taxes. They’re not learning our language. They are solely focused on their self-interests. And brains. These zombies, otherwise known as “Post-Life […]