NaNo Day 16

Today was a rough day to write. I had taken yesterday easy, writing only 52 words, so for the first time since I started, I began my writing day with a deficit. Then the morning got away from me, so I was unable to do any writing. I was finally able to get some words down after work, and I am only 4 words over my goal for the day. I’m hoping to get two writing sessions in tomorrow which will help me get ahead again.

So, today, the most interesting thing that happened while writing was a completely new person showed up as I was writing, a possible love interest for Leon, maybe? I don’t know at this point, but it was still surprising to meet her.

As I mentioned last night, I won’t be posting the words on my blog in order to give myself greater permission to write horribly. It did help today. The words flowed a bit more freely. But, if you are interested in continuing to read the words I write as well as the words I write about writing, let me know. I do have a blog post where I will be posting the continuing story.

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