NaNo Eve!

Tomorrow is the big day, so I’m taking it relatively easy today. I have taken care of a few last-minute preparations. I set up my template on Scrivener, which will be my word processor of choice for this event. I have my treats, one for every thousand words. And I have a sweet-smelling candle I will burn while I burn through the words on the page, courtesy of a subscription box from Scribbler. I highly recommend this box to any writer or would-be writer.

I’m also preparing myself with a good, upbeat music playlist. Due to the short lead time, I didn’t have time to manually prepare one, but that’s where YouTube can be a friend. I will be trying this one for the kickoff tomorrow. And if it doesn’t work? I’ll just find another one.

That’s all for today. Now I’m going to go enjoy some leisure time, because it’ll be in short supply next month.

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