JOOTB! Now Caffeine-Free!

As my title states, I am indeed caffeine-free. My addiction to caffeine was one thing I intended to address eventually, as an out-of-the-box experience, but I’ve hesitated doing this because if I go longer than a day without caffeine, I get awful headaches. Sometimes, though, these decisions are made for us. On Sunday, January 29th, I came down with the flu, food poisoning, or a combination of both. I spent the next three days in and out of fever as well as suffering severe‚Ķdigestive issues. I barely ate and tried to keep myself hydrated with lots of juice and water. The end result was that, four days later, on Thursday, I realized I had gone five days without caffeine. Any headaches I may have suffered were ignored as my body was dealing with several other issues. After breaking those chains, I have been loath to put them back on, and so I continue caffeine free!

In other news, the trip to Europe is a go! I received my passport last week, which means I am now not confined to the borders of the United States. Talk about out of the box! I have decided upon Barcelona and Rome, from March 2nd to March 11th, but any part of that is subject to change. It’s amazing to think that in 24 days, I will be setting foot in a completely different hemisphere. Amazing and, I must admit, scary. But that’s the whole point. Step out of that comfort zone. Do something that scares you. Step out of the boat.

On the financial front, it seems like all my stock picks have been good. I am slowly watching my account increase. I won’t be ready to retire any time soon, but it’s fun to see my money working for me for a change.

The working out is still intermittent, partly due to injury and partly due to being sick last week. But, I’m sticking with it, and I will succeed at losing the weight and getting fit.

All in all, things are going really well, and I’m feeling good.


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